5 reasons to consider new workplace furniture

06 February 2018. Features.

One of the factors involved with any office relocation or office refurbishment is workplace furniture. Workplace furniture is a key part of the process when you are designing a new office, but it is a part of the process which is frequently overlooked and rushed through at the last minute. When considering furniture for your new space, consider how furniture can support your ways of working and fulfil purpose rather than just being nice to look at.

Office furniture is an investment and replacing your old furniture is a way of improving staff wellbeing, encouraging new ways of working or simply downsizing to create a financial saving. If you are relocating or refurbishing your office, these are 5 things to consider when assessing your furniture options.

1. Existing furniture isn’t ‘free’

One of the most common mistakes made by companies who are looking to refurbish or relocate is looking at their existing furniture as free. Now this isn’t totally wrong as it is approximately 30% cheaper to relocate your existing furniture rather than purchasing new furniture, but how much are you really saving?

There are costs associated with managing your existing furniture, storing it and relocating it. It is also likely to be the wrong size, wrong colour and no longer under warranty. We will always encourage our clients to reuse key pieces of furniture wherever possible, but it is worth looking at the costs connected with keeping your existing furniture before making a decision to keep your existing furniture.

2.Oversized furniture

If you decide to relocate your office or refurbish your existing workplace, you may find that your old furniture takes up too much space and is no longer right for your office layout. If you are taking a smaller office space, you will typically need smaller furniture, so it is worth considering this at the early stages of a project and not risking the furniture being too big for your new space.

3. A brand refresh

Office furniture should be in harmony with the overall office design. If you are looking to refresh your space and create a greater impact, furniture will help tie the whole space together. Using existing furniture in your new space can detract from the impact and message you are trying to communicate through your office design. Furniture is integrated into any design so when it doesn’t match up, it sticks out.

4. Health and wellbeing

If you want to communicate a positive message to your workforce and show that you care about their health and wellbeing, then updating your furniture will display your commitment to implement positive change. Sit/stand furniture and biophilic elements have become increasingly popular and can greatly impact staff wellbeing in the office. Integrating biophilic elements such as plants, moss walls and trees have been shown to energise staff and greatly improve their productivity.

5. Retention and recruitment

Office furniture can stand alone but it needs to be considered as part of the overall office design. In the same way that taking staff wellbeing into consideration shows an investment in people, your office design should be used as a tool to recruit, retain and improve your staff. As the competition for talent increases, the finer details are becoming increasingly important. So to ensure you are attracting the best talent in your sector, your office design needs to follow the latest trends in order to stay up to date.

For more information on how you could refresh your existing office design and replace your office furniture, get in touch with our in-house furniture team.

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