4 key things your employees are looking for in an office

10 May 2016. Features.

Your employees are your greatest asset so it’s imperative to focus on creating an office space that your employees will love.

Not sure where to start? Here are the four key attributes to aspire for in your office to keep your workforce happy:


Ultimately, your employees are there to do a particular task but in order for them to feel motivated, remain focused and be productive, the space they work in should first and foremost, be functional.

All the equipment they need to get the job done should be reliable. There should be adequate storage to keep their immediate workspace and the office at large organised, and it should be structured in a layout that supports efficient working practices.

By giving your employees the tools they need to get the job done and a variety of private, collaborative and creative spaces to work in, you make it easy for them to manage their workloads efficiently, reducing stress and making them happy.


Desirability is hard to define, but in terms of attracting quality talent and retaining them, it can be a real game changer.

People talk about their job, their boss and their workplace with their friends and family and they’re much more likely to discuss your business positively if the workplace you create is an enviable one.

You don’t need your offices to be as flashy as Google’s or regularly take your best performers on trips away, but you do need to make your office space and the atmosphere within it desirable.

That might mean giving your employees input on the design of your new office, starting a flexible work programme to let them choose their working hours or installing fitness equipment and an onsite coffee bar.

The process of creating an office space your employees will love begins with making them feel valued, so ask them how you can make their workspace more functional, comfortable, inspirational and desirable and they will give you plenty of ideas.


Your employees spend the majority of their waking week working, but they will be much happier and productive in those hours if the office environment is comfortable.

Regulating the temperature with heating and air conditioning, providing ergonomic chairs, making sure the lighting is adequate for the tasks they need to undertake and creating an atmosphere that is conducive to working, all contribute to a more comfortable environment.

It’s just as important to make rest areas as comfortable as productive ones. Ensure break out areas have soft furnishings, food prep and storage equipment, and relaxing materials like books, magazines or games so they can recoup energy and return to working refreshed.


Functionality and comfort are the foundations of great office design but the aesthetics of an office are just as important when it comes to creating a space that employees will love spending time in.

If you want to inspire stellar work performances, your office environment should be tailored to provide the right mix of soothing and stimulating spaces for them to move around and work freely in.

Brighten dull boardrooms with colourful murals, flood spaces with natural lighting and plants, showcase a variety of classic and contemporary artworks on digital displays or add splashes of colour with textiles and furnishings.

Making an office loveable isn’t always an easy task so if you lack the time or expertise to tackle it yourself, contact us for our professional help.

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