Funding your office design

As an alternative to cash or bank loans, you can choose to spread the cost of your office refurbishment or relocation in a way that best suits your business.

Leasing means that, rather than paying a bulk sum up-front, you have the flexibility to fund your project without feeling any major financial strain – and our independent office leasing experts can make financing your new office easy. 


How flexible financing benefits your business

Working with our independent office leasing experts means that your business will experience a range of benefits, including:

  • Tax benefits for private organisations – unlike cash, it’s fully tax deductible
  • Low, fixed payments for easy budgeting
  • Spreading the cost in line with your return on investment
  • Freeing up your capital to use elsewhere for higher returns
  • Flexibility – you decide the term and frequency of payments and can update them anytime
  • Reducing dependency on your primary funders – existing credit lines are unaffected and funding can be split between two or more specialist interiors funders to cover the entire project
  • Spreading the cost of VAT and paying in instalments rather than a lump sum up-front (excluding hire/lease purchase agreements)
  • Turnkey funding that builds all your costs into the lease – no surprise extras to worry about


A personable, tailored approach

Our finance and funding services have supported some of our smaller clients, such as Ragged Edge and RLJ Entertainment, to create a space to facilitate growth. To find out more about how to finance your new office design and build project, contact us.