Workplace design consultancy

An in-depth analysis of who you are, what your people need to succeed and how you can optimise your office space.

The process of workplace consultancy is essential for understanding all the finer details your office refurbishment or relocation project will entail. Your new workplace needs careful consideration and planning based on the requirements of your organisation – from your company culture to the efficiency of your new workspace – and the needs of your people. This is the best way to be sure you make the most of all the resources available to you. 

Examining the drive behind your new office

Our office design consultancy starts by examining your core drivers, which may include one of the following:

  • Financial (a strategy to reduce costs)
  • Operational (growth or reduction within the business; desire to utilise space more efficiently)
  • People (need to improve collaboration, wellbeing or morale; reduce attrition)

Once we understand what you’re looking to achieve, we can create a tailored approach that meets all your aspirations.

Typically, we seek to analyse your workspace from a multitude of perspectives, both objective and subjective. A space utilisation study allows us to understand how your current workplace performs and identify inefficiencies in how the space is used. This study is extremely valuable because it’s the basis of figuring out how your organisation can work smarter.


Understanding the needs of your people

We also perform processes that allow you to engage with your greatest assets: your people. The best solutions and ideas are already within your organisation; it’s our job to dig them out and create a meaningful strategy around them. We engage directly with your staff through a variety of methods, including focus workshops, collaborative sessions, interviews, online surveys and day in the life studies. Depending on your requirements, we will be able to advise on which approach is best for you. We can also apply a change management process that helps integrate your transition into the new workspace.


Consolidating our findings

Our detailed consolidation report combines all the data gathered and formulates reliable strategy options that enable decisions to be made. This provides a clear direction for the workplace design process. It is also the accountability for all decisions made gong forward, which is particularly important when your organisation is likely to make legal and financial agreements for the next 5–10 years.

Of course, the depth of workplace consultancy depends on each client and the complexity of the project. Before you get excited about stunning office designs, we recommend you explore how you are using your workspace by answering the following two questions:

  • Do you really need to relocate and how could you efficiently occupy that space?
  • Can you actually refurbish your existing office space to make it work smarter and harder?


If you have any questions about workplace consultancy or office design and fit out, get in touch.