Office technology

From our experience, companies that embrace office technology see an increase in productivity. They go hand-in-hand and neglecting one of the factors can be costly error.

The first step isn’t about office design and fit-out, it’s simply giving staff the technology and tools they need to do their job so they are free to work from wherever they want in their workplace or on the train, a plane, a coffee shop or home.

The second step is where our office designers come in. Through clever office design, the workplace will have a wide range of agile work spaces which staff can select from according to the type of work they have to do. The degree of trust now exhibited in an office is greater than ever – staff do not need to be seen at their desk for you to know they are working hard. Of course, this will only work with great connectivity in terms of Wi-Fi and plug in points throughout the office in the key areas.

In addition to these spaces, we are also experienced with a wide range of audio visual, communications and collaboration technology and connectivity solutions, helping bring business and people together to increase productivity.

From incorporating AV technology for an auditorium at Aker Solutions to video conferencing technology at FIA, we can assist you in all of your technological needs.

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