Office Technology

We integrate technology into office design to increase productivity, creating a seamless and dynamic working environment.

One of the most important elements of an office design and fit-out is providing your staff with the technology and tools they need to do their job, empowering them to work from wherever they want ­– whether that’s on the train, at home or in the office.


Integrating technology into design

The degree of trust now exhibited in an office is greater than ever – staff do not need to be seen at their desks for you to know that they are working hard. Through clever office design, your new workplace can have a wide range of agile work spaces that staff can utilise depending on the type of work that they do. This allows for more collaboration and movement around the office, creating a free-thinking and creative environment that isn’t tethered by an assigned seating chart. We make this possible through office technology, with greater Wi-Fi connectivity and accessible plug points scattered throughout the office in key areas so you can plug in wherever.


Creating a seamless audio-visual experience

In addition to agile spaces, we are also experienced in a wide range of audio-visual, communication and collaboration technology, and connectivity solutions. These help bring business and people together, which increases productivity and supports the success of your business.


From installing an experience tunnel and portal at FinTech company XTX Markets in Kings Cross to incorporating AV technology in the office auditorium at Aker Solutions, we can assist you in all of your technological needs. If you have any questions about our office technology solutions, get in touch.