Office space planning

Office space planning is the key step before you start the fun part of office design. Our workplace thinkers come into their own here, reviewing intelligence gathered from workplace consultancy to ensure we create a successful office design.

With office space planning we get under the skin of the brief – who you are, what you need, building overview and all the important need-to-knows that can impact progress. This stage can include the following:

  • Business case and strategic brief
  • Client discovery meetings
  • Workplace studies and analysis
  • Staff surveys, focus groups and in-depth research
  • Setting achievable goals

As you tour potential offices with commercial property agents, we're on hand to create office space plans to demonstrate how each can support your business goals and work best for you. Through this close partnership everyone can be sure that the most suitable new office has been selected.

Space planning was key to creating the new office for Kantar Worldpanel. Following workplace consultancy and space planning, across two floors we reduced their desk space by 40%, freeing up space to create fresh and exciting agile working areas.

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