Office refurbishment in London

For over 30 years Peldon Rose have delivered high quality workplace refurbishment projects across London which means we understand the needs of growing businesses.

Why should I get an office refurb?

An office refurbishment is a way to bring new life to your existing place of work. It’s not just about brightening up the atmosphere and making better use of the space – it can transform the way your team works.

Today, an office provides a holistic working experience for every organisation. It’s a place where talent is nurtured, creativity is unlocked and where collaboration leads to innovation. 

It also affects how you’re perceived by your clients and customers. First impressions are key, and it’s vital your workplace aligns with your wider vision and values.

How do I refurbish my office?

Peldon Rose offers commercial office design and redesign, including full office refurbishment. With flexible office refurbishment costs and a dedicated team of experts, we working with you to scope and build a practical and inspiring workplace. We can help you realise your workplace potential.

For over 30 years, we have delivered high-quality workplace refurbishment projects across London and beyond. Our experience in end-to-end office design and fit-out means that we understand the ever-evolving needs of businesses.

What’s involved in an office refurbishment?


An office refurbishment follows several key steps, depending on your needs. These can include:

  1. Starting with Workplace Strategy, we work to understand your design needs
  2. Defining the brief, and begin planning your office layout
  3. Scoping out the redesign, coordinating with you to finalise the technical design and choose finishes
  4. Undertake a “CAT A fit-out” (if needed)
  5. Undertake a “CAT B fit-out”
  6. Furniture consultancy, procurement and installation
  7. Managing related concerns such as moving or storing equipment
  8. Providing ongoing office maintenance support identifying day two opportunities
  9. Managing logistical operations

Working with an experienced commercial office refurbishment company can unlock the potential of your workplace. Peldon Rose offers expert support and advice throughout the office refurb process, with clear details on budgeting, time requirements, and guidance on what to expect at every stage.

By building a close relationship with you, we can make sure that the redesign and refurbishment process meets the needs of your employees and works in step with your business strategy – so you can look forward to life in your new office space.