Office Planning & Layout

An office plan is a blueprint for how your team will work and live. That’s why careful planning and communication is integral to our process.

When designing and refurbishing your office, we use insights from our Strategy findings to identify exactly how your company ticks, and where there are areas that can be improved with the right office concept.

We will speak to you and key members of your team to understand your values and objectives as a company, and how your workplace needs to fit into your culture. Once that’s complete, we’ll have everything we need to begin a design.

When doing the office planning, our expert workplace thinkers bring together their expertise and the latest in office design styles, furniture, and technology to develop a workspace layout that encourages the right energy, atmosphere, and interaction in your space.

What's the best office layout?

Designing an office isn’t just about making all of your requirements fit. Any space can enhance or restrict movement, create areas where people will gather or places they’ll avoid, and ultimately, affect the efficiency of your team’s work.

There are a number of vital factors that influence what we include in our design. Alongside the building overview, our consultancy stage incorporates:

  • Initial meetings and culture exploration
  • Understanding the office usage
  • Workplace studies and analyses
  • Surveying staff and working with focus groups
  • Growth plans
  • Defining goals

We use these steps to guide the office design layout to help group or separate team members as needed, and provide areas for work, rest, or collaboration to enhance the current working structure.

How do desks make a difference?

It’s not just design and style that make up an office build. Office space planning is all about efficiency and maintaining the office culture.

Something we focus on in particular is how the office is utilised by the workforce. How many people will be working there at a given time? Who needs to work together? What sort of space will different departments need?

By asking these questions we can identify things like whether certain teams need set desks at all, or how your team might use other workstation options. A simple difference in approach can mean more open space can be created for use in other activities or by other departments.

In the case of Kantar Worldpanel, we designed their office across two floors to reduce desk space by 40% - meaning they had more open areas available for other usage as well as to free up space for team members. Even a change like giving staff more space to breathe can have a big impact on day-to-day work.

For more information on how modern office design has progressed and how you can incorporate new styles into your space, speak to one of our experts who will help answer any questions you may have about your project.