Office Interior design

This is where the vision comes to life, building your ideas and concepts into the perfect workplace.

Office design is the part of an office build that inspires the most creativity. You get to stamp your personality on your space and make it uniquely yours.

Our office interior design experts take what we learned in the strategy stage and work with you to create an interior that feels like your company and works for your team.

How to create the right office design for your business?

The key to our process when we design offices is collaboration. We bring our expertise and interior solutions but it’s your vision that we’re bringing to life, so we communicate the concepts with you each step of the way. This is how we do it:

  • Before we start on the process of designing offices, we begin by getting to know your company. Who you are, what space you have, and what you need from it all contributes to the eventual design. Talking to your team helps identify what they expect from the new design, too.
  • Once we know all the requirements you and your team have, as well as any features of the building itself, we start the process of design.
  • This means getting out the pens, architect rulers, and tracing paper and building out a visual sketch of both the office design and the office space plan, so we can show you what it might look like.
  • Before we take to the actual creation, we develop 2D space plans, computer-generated images, and in some cases, even 3D visuals or virtual reality designs to really bring the potential of your space into reality – before we hammer in a single nail. 
  • We also scope out the initial costs and timelines to provide as much clarity as possible throughout the process.
  • Once this is approved, we’ll take the concept through all technical architectural, building services and engineering requirements to refine and perfect the idea, ready for the space.

From there, the design is ready to be built, explored, and inhabited by your people.

For more information on how we design London offices and how we can create your vision for your office interior, speak to one of our experts who will be able to answer any questions you may have about your project.

Workplace designing with a purpose

Lasting, welcoming office design is about more than just building an attractive space and a modern office interior. Beyond the fulfilment of the design vision, it takes complex evaluation and planning around your team’s needs, and support with maintenance, change management, and more to make an office work for your team.

We’ve created award-winning offices where every detail contributes to building the company atmosphere and the right space for an efficient team. Check out examples of our work such as Pret A ManagerThe White CompanyXTX Markets, as well as this article on 6 seriously cool meeting spaces.

Office design and build services

At Peldon Rose, we offer smart solutions and comprehensive design services. We’re a team of in-house commercial interior refurbishment specialists at every stage of the office design and build process. Our individual areas of expertise lead to a seamless project journey that is handled by one, unified team.

Peldon Rose has been delivering office design and refurbishment projects for over 30 years. Our team takes the time to learn about your business, which has enabled us to transform workplaces across London, and we are constantly redefining the workplace.

Office interiors: FAQs

How to design an office interior?

  • Designing a space that encourages employees to work collaboratively and engage with one another is vital. This approach will help to bring teams together and champion both creativity and innovation. Open and flexible spaces are better suited to activity-based working. They’re more able to accommodate activities beyond simply sitting and working, and can support everything from quick meetings, to in-depth ideation sessions.

How to design a home office setup?

  • Creating a distinction between the area you use for work, and the area you use for downtime is key.  If you don’t have a dedicated office or spare room, zoning your workspace can be done with a simple chair, slimline foldaway desk or rug. Physically stepping away from your workspace at the end of the day also builds a mental partition, helping you to switch off after a hard day’s work.

How to design your office desk?

  • Move your desk closer to a window so that you can absorb the natural light, add some planting to your desk. Adding different colours, textures and materials to your home workspace stimulates creativity, boosts the atmosphere of the room while differentiating your workspace to the rest of your home. Installing a corkboard to the wall is a natural and sustainable feature that’s great to use to organise your day too.

How does design affect productivity?