Office furniture

Our in-house workplace furniture consultants create bespoke solutions to bring office designs to life.

Office furniture is the key ingredient in establishing a strong office identity and infusing life and personality into your new workspace. Every area of your office is covered by our in-house team of workplace designers and furniture consultants – reception, kitchens, breakout zones, open plan workstations, boardrooms and meeting rooms – creating an environment that is reflective of your brand and your business.

The Peldon Rose furniture team is an integral part of any workplace project that requires movable fittings and equipment, to truly bring an office environment to life. Acting as an important support and service to the wider business, the team plays a key role throughout the design and build process. Involved from the initial conceptual conversations, the team then works closely with the designers and the client to ensure that furniture is ordered, delivered and installed safely. At Peldon Rose, the furniture team brings the workplace vision to life.

Keeping it all in-house

Our office furniture team is not affiliated or tied to any manufacturer which means they can offer impartial consultation on all furniture requirements, from striking reception furniture to thousands of new workstations that suit every working style and preference. They’ve built valuable and long-standing relationships with furniture retailers for years, which means they can provide insight and trusted, expert advice to all our clients.

Keeping a finger firmly on the pulse of latest trends, technologies and advancements in the furniture world means that furniture consultants create a workplace environment that reflects the needs of a business, while balancing cost with quality. 

Their passion is palpable, and they work hard to find the perfect office furniture solutions for your new workspace, ensuring every piece is both practical and representative of your brand. Working in harmony with our office designers, they create visually stunning workspaces that are highly versatile and can adapt to any future needs.

Our team takes you on the furniture procurement journey. Typically, in the early stages of the project, you will accompany our furniture consultant on showroom tours, learning about the latest furniture trends to discover what is right for your new office.

If you have any questions about workplace furniture, get in touch.

Creating an agile workspace

Throughout society, our working practices have moved decidedly towards agile working.  This approach empowers staff to work where, when and how they choose instead of being tied to a desk. Providing ‘alternative work settings’ such as telephone booths, collaboration desks and library-style furniture in focused rooms cater for everyone. It can even help shorten meeting times and allow employees to easily make the switch between collaborative working in the open plan spaces and focused work quiet zones.

We’ve created a number of amazing, agile office environments for clients, which is due in large part to the informed selection of office furniture and the expertise of our team. Offices for clients Twinings and Jellyfish Pictures couldn’t be more different. But, by identifying how they could both benefit from activity-based and flexible working spaces in their offices, we were able to unlock opportunities for communication and collaboration for both of them.

Encouraging agile work allows your team to be more efficient and effective.  Flexible furniture solutions like sit/stand desks and flip-top tables can be adjusted quickly and easily to suit individual needs - they can even allow your employees to come together to share insights and collaborate on wider team projects. This creates sociable, friendly workspaces and a happier workforce.

Office furniture installation

The final step in any office design and build project is the installation of new workplace furniture and the coordination of old office furniture.

When it comes to furniture for the workplace, our environmental policy is backed by the world’s largest manufacturers. However, we take an extremely pragmatic approach to projects where we carry a full audit of our clients’ existing office team furniture to see how we can reuse and integrate pieces within their new furniture scheme.

Furniture is a major enabler. It also works with technology to enable people to have different working environments for different tasks.

What office furniture do I need?

Our in-house commercial office furniture team have worked on a wide variety of projects across London, helping to transform offices into agile working environments like Kantar Worldpanel, and incorporating more brand personality in businesses like Scorch London. Here are just some of the most efficient office furniture solutions you could include within your workplace.

1. Phone booths or sound insulated meeting pods

Did you know that 97% of direct calls are made on a 1-2-1 basis? The open-plan office cannot facilitate this level of noise contamination. Phone booths as well as sound insulated meeting pods are becoming more and more commonplace, for use by small groups or individuals.

2. Softer spaces

A softer and more inviting workspace will be preferable to return to. Office environments will try to recreate a sense of home and comfort inside the business through furniture pieces that provide employees comfort, and a place to spend some downtime.

3. Collaboration zones

High tables or desks that encourage teammates to gather encourage moment of spontaneity. This can be further enhanced with desks that contain a whiteboard surface, to readily bring ideas to life.

What are the benefits of an in-house furniture team?

There are many benefits of working with an in-house furniture team:

  • Expertise on-hand
  • The team have the same goal as the wider project team – there are no clashes of agenda
  • Full understanding of the workspace design
  • Communication is faster and of higher quality
  • One company for the client to work with
  • Consistent process throughout
  • One team on site
  • Coordination of delivery