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Office fit-out

Our office fit-out team support you through every step of your workplace design project and provide you with peace of mind.

As design and build experts, Peldon Rose offer full turnkey solutions to deliver your new workplace. We’re a team of in-house specialists at every stage from architectural and technical design, commercial cost planning and management, mechanical and engineering services, project management and delivery that concludes with furniture specification and procurement. When the project finishes, our work with you doesn’t stop there. Our maintenance and client focus teams are on hand to support your business as you move into your new workplace, helping you adapt to any changing needs.

If you have any questions about office design and fit-outs, get in touch.

Integrating on-site and in-office management

During the construction stage, we maintain this streamlined, single team approach. Both the concept designer and project manager work closely with the technical designer, visualiser, and cost plan managers reviewing designs and drawings continually as the project comes into fruition to ensure all design, technical and construction parameters are met.

The office fit-out stage is when the design project transitions from a concept to a tangible space for your business. The delivery of every commercial office fit-out is reliant on a qualified and committed project manager who is responsible for carefully planning and seamlessly delivering your new office. They are true office fit-out experts, managing all the finer details of the contract, costs and programming elements of the project.

The office fit-out specialists working directly alongside the project manager to look after the day-to-day running of the build. Back in our London office, the technical team and mechanical & electrical team ensure that every project is carefully conceived and perfectly delivered, regularly spending time between Sterling House and our live construction sites. It’s a single cohesive process managed by one project team, that we carefully select from our workforce of talented individuals, hand-picked to meet your specific requirements. The process is efficient, coordinated and the quality is never compromised.

Planning the fit-out around your business

When we are managing office refurbishment projects with our clients in-situ, we carefully plan and phase the office fit-out to minimise downtime and disruption in the business.

In the final weeks of every London office fit-out project, we go through a rigorous handover process, which includes:

  • Quality monitoring and managing snagging or outstanding items
  • Commissioning, training and handover of services
  • Project completion and close-out programme
  • Building control sign-off
  • Safety and testing certificates
  • Formal inspection and sign-off
  • Certificate of compliance
  • Operation and Maintenance (O&M) manuals

Ensuring a safe and considerate build environment

Health & safety on site is a critical element of all our projects, as is ensuring that everyone else in the building is considered during the fit-out of your new workplace. This involves close consultation with the landlord, building manager and any other tenants that may be in your new building to minimise any potential inconvenience to them. This makes it more likely for your new neighbours to be truly happy to see you when you’ve moved back in.

We understand that transparent communication throughout is key and conduct regular meetings with the client and the project team which enables us to ensure that the project progresses in line with agreed timescales and budget. Sourcing subcontractors from a trusted repertoire of regular partners ensures that expectations of all parties are clear.

Throughout the construction phase, progress reports are prepared as a tangible way to measure that the vision is coming to life in the way our clients expect and to the highest standard possible. Concerns are dealt with by our TSM’s and details are finessed to deliver great design in both form and function.

While the majority of our projects involve a fit-out in some form, some of our more significant London office fit-outs include The White Company at Television Centre, White City, Aker Solutions in Chiswick Park, Pret A Manger at Verde SW1 and Office Space in Town Monument.

Office fitout services

From the very beginning of every project, establishing a high-quality experience is at the forefront of our ambition. We set the bar from the first interaction and maintain that quality with honesty, integrity and a hands-on managerial approach.

You receive the best advice and we constantly strive to do the right thing for you and your business. Together, we turn ideas into spaces that improve the working lives of your people, ensuring our values are integrated into every part of the journey. Our approach:

00. Exploration

This is where we get under the skin of the brief – who you are, what you need, your building overview and all the important need-to-knows that can impact progress. We also explore how change management can help ensure your staff are fully on board.

01. Preparation

At this stage, we’re getting to know the building and any secrets it may be keeping, as well as client must-haves. This is where the brief is finalised and the project director handpicks the team that will be delivering it.

02. Concept design

It all starts with an idea. During the concept stage, you receive an outline proposal for creative, structural and service design – thoroughly integrated – and specifications, along with preliminary costs and timelines. This is where things start to get fun and the magic begins.

03. Developed design

Now we’re ready to finalise and sign off the design and specifications and get to work, organising all applications and approvals that might be needed before the build.

04. Technical design

During the technical design stage, architectural, building services and engineering designs are refined and agreed, and any specialist contractors are briefed and organised.

05. Build

Everything that came to fruition during the planning stage starts to take shape on site, as do any components that are being made elsewhere. Under the watchful eye of the site manager, your new space comes to life.

06. The final leg

We’re on the home straight now and our primary focus is a seamless handover. During the last few weeks of the project, the build comes together and all design dreams are realised. Here, our in-house maintenance and client focus team are added to ensure an easy transition.

07. Enjoying your new space

Once you’re in, our maintenance team provides around-the-clock service to ensure that your office continues to run effectively and efficiently. Our client focus team are also on hand to help you adapt to your new space and work alongside you:

Learn more about our approach.