Sustainable office design

It’s not just about how impressive your office looks; we carefully consider its impact on the environment.

It’s important to consider the effect your office may have on the environment, not only when it comes to energy consumption but also the materials that are used to create your new workspace. We’ve worked with clients like Friends of the Earth that place a huge emphasis on sustainability in the office, which is why we apply environmental assessments to figure out the different ways we can incorporate green initiatives into the design and build.


Sustainability in design

From concept stage, our furniture planners and design team create spaces that offer originality, functionality and creative flair while maximising value and minimising impact. Wherever possible, we’ll make the most environmentally responsible choices, whether that’s through repurposing existing furniture and fittings or sourcing new, low-impact options for the new office.


The benefits of smart technology

According to the UN Environment Programme, buildings use about 40% of the world’s energy, 22% of its water and 40% of it’s resources, all while emitting about 33% of greenhouse gases. Smart technology – like occupancy sensors for lighting – can significantly reduce energy use in offices, which is better for both the environment and your expenditure.


Minimising environmental impact

Our site team carry out daily inspections to ensure that the build is meeting all sustainability targets set through reducing carbon emissions, waste disposal and recycling. From the beginning of the project, we also choose local tradespeople and materials wherever we can and work with suppliers that share our sustainable values.


To find out more about how we can provide sustainable office design and reduce your environmental impact, get in touch.