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Client focus

We’ll help you actively manage your workplace requirements for churn projects, small works and day two jobs.

Over the course of our 30-year history, we have focused on maintaining the concept of the ‘client for life’, which is one of our business’ core values. We’re committed to delivering an excellent customer experience, which is why we have a dedicated client focus team that works closely with you and manages any future changes that are necessary for the success of your business.

Providing on-going client support

We understand the importance of moving businesses forward and helping our existing clients grow efficiently. By developing our client focus team, we marked a progressive shift towards enhancing on-going client support and management.

These hardworking members of the wider Peldon Rose team work alongside our core projects team to ensure you have excellent continuity of service and plenty of support once your office refurbishment or office relocation project has finished. As your business evolves, we analyse the best options for your workplace, providing you with a tailored consultative service.

Becoming a client for life

We have proudly retained many clients for life over the years through the tireless efforts of our client focus team, from churn projects to small works and day two jobs. Through site visits and bespoke consultations, we get to know your business and nurture any changes that may be necessary to help you move forward. This process is all about taking the time to understand your requirements, and we work closely with you to consider all your options before we can fully understand how to support you.