Change management

Change management is a vital component of your journey into smart working, ensuring your staff is fully on board with their new workspace.

We understand that people are creatures of habit; if someone’s been working the same way for most of their career, it might be difficult for them to embrace a sudden change in their office environment. Simply designing a beautiful workspace doesn’t guarantee that it will be used efficiently. This is where change management comes in.

Once you’ve conducted a workplace consultancy and your office design and fit-out officially begins, change management is a valuable tool for supporting your staff through the inevitable transition of their behaviours and habits.

Creating a change management strategy

Our change management process is built around reinforcing positive messages agreed in advanced with your project sponsors. We can create a bespoke change plan for your office that sets a clear strategy on how we will work with your people. This strategy examines:

  • What is expected of them in this new workplace
  • How they should manage their wellbeing and workload
  • How to improve collaboration
  • How to manage teams based on outputs
  • Etiquettes and housekeeping rules associated with managing behaviours
  • How to improve their own productivity levels


Setting positive examples in the new workplace

Through a series of workshops with designated project champions, we can create a team that will model positive behaviours in the new workspace, utilising all the elements of the office in a way that sets an example for their colleagues. These project champions will be responsible for defining how the different work spaces are used, identifying the challenges and concerns their colleagues may have and setting rules that should be followed to ensure respect in the workplace.

By running additional workshops with office managers, we provide advice and support for how they manage their teams through the change. During this period, we transition from an input measure to an output measure, participating in collaborative brainstorming sessions and providing handouts.


Preparing your office for future success

Once the workshops have taken place and the core infrastructure is established, we then present all the information to your staff through a series of presentations and drop-in sessions. It is essential that you are supported through this transition and we ensure our team stays close to your people right through to the post occupancy review 6 months after your project is completed.


If you have any questions about change management or office design and fit out, get in touch.