Building appraisals

Selecting the right office space through building appraisals is the essential first step to every successful new workplace.

To help ensure the best results, we recommend all our clients conduct an element of workplace consultancy alongside the building search and appraisal. By getting us involved at the very start of your property search you can be sure that you will select the right office space to support your business goals and enable you to operate efficiently and effectively. 

Our mechanical & electrical team are experts at understanding and evaluating property. They're on hand to assist inspecting and validating services in any workspace which you may be considering leasing. In conjunction with your property agent, everyone can be sure that the building you select will be right for you and won't have any costly surprises after you've signed. Ensuring that the building will operate efficiently and support your needs is their number one objective.

Our office design team are also on hand to assist with building appraisals, utilising data collected during the workplace consultancy stage to ensure the suitability of each office. The right office is entirely dependent on your business goals and objectives and our office designers are experts at helping you find your new happy home. Together we can be sure that there are no physical limitations which would compromise what we'd all like to achieve.

If you need help to find the building right for your business, our team would be delighted to help, as we have done for our clients Greenlight Digital and Nordea.

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