Building appraisals

Selecting the right office space through building appraisals is the essential first step to every successful new workplace.

To help ensure that we have all the necessary insight to build your perfect office, we recommend all our clients conduct a workplace consultancy alongside their building search and appraisal. This allows us to get involved at the very start of your property search to help you select the right office space to support your business goals and enable you to operate effectively.


Finding the right property for you

Our mechanical & electrical team are experts at understanding and evaluating property. They’re on hand to inspect and validate services in any workspace you may be considering leasing. By working closely with your property agent, we can be sure that the building you select is right for you and won’t have any costly surprises after you sign on.


Factoring in the office design

The office design team are also available to assist with building appraisals. The right office depends entirely on your business objectives, and our office designers are experts are helping you find a happy new home. Using the insight we collected during the workplace consultancy stage, we can provide informed advice as to whether or not a potential office space is suitable for your business. We’ll make sure there are no physical limitations that may compromise everything you’re hoping to achieve.


We’ve worked with clients in the past like Greenlight Digital and Nordea to help find the perfect property for their new office. To find out more about our building appraisals and workplace consultancies, get in touch.