Workplace acoustics

Poor office acoustics have a negative impact on people and business. It can effect stress levels, efficiency, discomfort and ultimately productivity and profitability.

The trend towards large and open plan offices initially led to a dramatic increase in employees complaining about office acoustics with noise transfer, lack of privacy and inadequate sound insulation between spaces being the main factors.

At Peldon Rose we know the how to ensure your staff can work effectively wherever they are in the office. Furniture, for example, has a key role to play in acoustics, with high back sofas breaking up open plan work spaces, providing privacy and restricting sound transfer.

Overhead acoustic panels are also an important design feature, especially within board rooms and meeting rooms, where they not only add visual interest but also absorb noise. Examples of this include Essence and Stack Exchange, as well as JustGiving where we reused carpet tiles to create bespoke acoustic panels, wall treatments and unique furniture pieces. We also used plants and reused wooden pallets in the JustGiving London office to boost office acoustics. Transfer of noise between offices is key for many of our clients, especially for those in the legal and financial sectors, where privacy and confidentiality is of paramount importance. 

One of our more unique office acoustics missions was for the new BMG office, where we installed two soundproof acoustic rooms. Simulating a recording studio, any of BMG’s music artists can perform without the fear of having to turn keep it down. It also acts as a true secluded space to hear yourself think and hold private meetings, without the fear of being overhead.

We also recently completed the refurbishment of the London office for Heineken, installing new glass partitions which provides acoustics and enables views of the wider office and plenty of natural light to flood in.

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