Workplace acoustics

We optimise office acoustics to lower the likelihood of stress and discomfort, ultimately making a more efficient and productive workspace.

The trend of large, open office plans has been immensely influential when it comes to building a collaborative and social workspace, but often it leads to employees complaining about office acoustics. There is too much noise transfer, a lack of privacy and inadequate sound insulation between spaces. So how do you keep this from happening in your new office space?


Designing with acoustics in mind

We are experts in creating effective and innovate workspaces, which is why we scrutinise every detail to ensure that your staff can work efficiently wherever they are. Office furniture plays a key role in acoustics, with high back sofas breaking up noise transfer in open plan work spaces, providing more privacy and restricting the likelihood of outside sound during intimate meetings.

Overhead acoustic panels are important features in office design as well, especially within boardrooms and meeting rooms. Not only do they add visual interest, but they also absorb noise. These are part of the overall  aesthetic and can be tailored to your office, like at JustGiving where we reused carpet tiles to create acoustic panels, along with wall treatments and unique furniture pieces. We also utilised plants and repurposed wooden pallets, which all benefited the overall acoustic design.


Decreasing noise transfer

Noise transfer is a big issue for many of our clients, especially those in the legal and financial sector where privacy and confidentiality is of paramount importance. Music companies benefit from acoustic planning as well. We installed two soundproof acoustic rooms in the BMG offices for that exact reason. Simulating a recording studio, any of BMG’s music artists are now able to perform without fear of disturbing someone in an adjacent room or nearby office. It creates a truly secluded space for more confidential or private meetings without the fear of being overheard.


Most recently, we completed the refurbishment of Heineken’s London office, installing new glass partitions that improved acoustics and enabled more natural light to flood in. To find out more about our office acoustic services or if you want to enquire about an office design and fit-out, get in touch.