Flexible office space provider with a creative way of thinking




Wallacespace offers companies flexible offsite spaces where they can host events ranging from meetings and training days, to research sessions, conferences, and workshops.

A stark contrast to their competitors on the market – Wallacespace site are intentionally eclectic, colourful, and exuding personality in an effort to shake their clients out of a stiff business mindset, and into a more relaxed, inspired and creative way of thinking. This was apparent with their creative input dressing the space and collaborating with us on the design. With collaboration at the forefront of their business, we saw great synergies to our core values at Peldon Rose.

Working in partnership with project managers and cost consultants

With four sites across London, Wallacespace acquired a large fifth site in Covent Garden. From this arose a great partnership between Peldon Rose, Storey Project Management, MESH Cost Consultancy and the client, Wallacespace.

Introducing innovative spatial solutions to support business growth

Tasked with designing this new space, our brief was to create a ‘blank canvas’ that would allow the client to decorate and theme the rooms as they wished. As the client’s business is generated through the availability of different sized rooms - our unique expertise in innovative spatial concepts allowed us to maximise the efficiency and flexibility of the space.

Through the strategic use of folding walls, we have created areas that can be adapted and reconfigured to suit different occupants and uses. Our attention to technical detail was essential in ensuring that the design not only looked great but performed well – with acoustics being of the utmost importance.

Understanding the needs of Wallacespace

The highlight to any day spent at Wallacespace is the fantastic food which are provided to all staff and clients. As the Wallacespace chefs are onsite, cooking up to three times a day - a fully operational commercial kitchen was required. Our experience and management of this was key to the success of the project.


Wallacespace office