We have held a 2-year relationship with MATCHESFASHION having already designed their photography studio at Here East in 2017. This new office space occupies Unit 8 and Unit 9 and is linked to the existing office in Unit 7 after we knocked through to create a connecting passage. Raey, the brand’s exclusive label, and customer service teams are now based in Unit 8 and 9 respectively, with the photography studio in Unit 7. By joining these spaces, we have been able to create an impressive 50,000 sq ft destination office for MATCHESFASHION.

When joining these new units with the existing space, it was essential for the design to be coherent, while still providing some unique distinction in each of the units. We have created another reception space to enable the units to operate individually as well as one. There is a synergy between the furniture and finishes in the different units which makes the transition between them seamless.

The customer service and Raey teams were relocated from their head office in The Shard as they had drastically outgrown their space. The offices at Here East offer MATCHESFASHION scope for growth, an iconic office and an improved logistical solution to deliveries and shipments.

Impactful office design

As well as their continued growth, MATCHESFASHION wanted to develop Here East into a landmark destination for their brand which would provide their teams with a comfortable, engaging environment. Now their staff have access to large breakout facilities, events areas and wellbeing spaces. We wanted to create a connection between their different locations to demonstrate one consistent image. 

For Raey, there was a requirement for the space to cater for large quantities of fabrics and sample clothing. This team needed bespoke elements such as high spec cutting tables, which had to be developed specially. Unit 9 is where the customer service team are based. In this unit we have added another zen garden to provide their people with a dedicated zone to recharge and relax when needed.