Lloyd's Wellbeing Centre

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1 Lime Street, London

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Lloyd’s Wellbeing Centre knew exactly what they wanted: a highly functional space that would become a destination for all health issues and a way to cut sick days. By helping them organise their London office into a space that welcomes their clients they would be able to continue delivering great service for their clients.

The project began with us conducting a building survey which identified the services needed to be enhanced to ensure the space could operate efficiently. Following a strip-out of existing services, we completed CAT A works which included new infrastructure and new services. From this we could then move on to the main CAT B design and fit out works.

The new Lloyd's treatment centre is now a comfortable place that people will want to visit. We overcame the challenge of low ceilings by maximising the light and bold lime accent colours to bring brightness to the space and make it more of an engaging environment.

Lloyd's Wellbeing Centre Treatment Room
Lloyd's Wellbeing Centre Treatment Room

The use of sleek and unobtrusive lighting delivers a warm diffuse light that doesn’t dominate the room. Using bold, natural colours completes each room and create a serene environment in the individual treatment rooms. Bringing in these subtle changes creates a refreshing and peaceful workspace that benefits both staff and clients. The meeting rooms were fitted with furniture from our in-house furniture team to ensure the spaces were truly fit for purpose.

It was important to create a new work environment that wasn’t too clinical and enabled staff and clients alike to be in a relaxed and energizing space. The Wellbeing Centre is a space that is neatly organised to enhance productivity and keep a pristine setting that is designed towards helping clients. Whether it is nutritional advice or helping to improve the physical health of clients, Lloyd’s Wellbeing Centre is a fully functioning space that complements the work of the Lloyd’s staff.

Alongside the consultation rooms we also added a larger meeting room with a bold blue colour scheme and a smaller seating area.

Lloyd's Wellbeing Centre Consultation Room
Lloyd's Wellbeing Centre Seating Area
Lloyd's Wellbeing Centre Meeting Space
We always knew this was a challenging space to work with but your design has created a space which is bright, modern and importantly very functional


Lloyd's Wellbeing Centre Seating Area
Lloyd's Wellbeing Centre Corridor