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Innovation and luxury are key forces behind Nissan’s Infiniti brand and it was essential that their new design centre in Paddington’s iconic Grade II listed Battleship Building reflected this. Working with the Infinti design team, Peldon Rose have created an environment inspired by movement and energy; made up of fluid lines and organic forms, encouraging a natural flow throughout the space.

The design centre was created to help kick start their relaunch, so the Infiniti office needed to showcase the brand identity throughout the workspace. With graphics, motifs and manifestations throughout the Paddington-based design centre, it was an effort to help purify the Infiniti brand and design.

Taking a lead from the Infinti branding, the colour palette is monochrome accented with purple detailing. Visitors are welcomed into the design centre through a set of futuristic automatic smoked glass doors which lead on to a corridor with a sweeping curved bespoke polished plaster wall, evoking thoughts of seamless car lines. Our in-house design team worked closely with Infiniti to deliver a design that encapsulated their visionary approach.

Infiniti boardroom

The design centre benefits from lots of natural light, open plan workspaces, bespoke work benches and material storage areas and informal seating areas with pioneering stand-up tables for impromptu project/team catch ups.

The new Infiniti office benefits from a large open office space that stretched out across one level. Having a workplace like this allowed us to create distinct working areas and defined workstations, so that there were clearly separated areas in the new London design centre. While the desks are neatly arranged to enhance efficiency and support a design-heavy workspace, there is still a positive environment that enables staff to interact and collaborate successfully on their projects.

Infiniti bright shared seating
Infiniti sofa area
Infiniti table
Infiniti workshop
Infiniti workshop
Infiniti informal area
Infiniti branding