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123 Buckingham Palace Road, Victoria

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Google is famous for sparking intrigue, wonder and imagination. So their London HQ had to have the wow factor. Filled with creative design elements, we developed an award-winning office that reflects Google’s innovation and influential thinkers.

The key to Google’s brief was to create a space that reflected a London theme but moved on from anything that had been explored before. They wanted to celebrate their new office space in Victoria with an interior that complemented their brand. 

With their offices void of memorable transition spaces or inspiring meeting spaces, we wanted to instil personality into the office. Having been named Fortune Magazine’s Number one employer in both 2007 and 2008, the Google office design needed to promote their identity and show off their fun and playful nature.


Google Reception

Working in partnership with Pitch Studios, we started by designing the reception to give guests a special sense of arrival. To make it a unique and striking design, we used the bath tub that Douglas Adams penned The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy in, as a coffee table. As we grew into the project, so did our ambitions. We brought in a working Routemaster bus, with functioning indicators and bells, so YouTubers and Googlers can now literally hop on to have a meeting. The London route-master was originally going to be a London underground tube, but we felt that tubes were not symbolic enough to London, not as much as the Route-masters! In an effort to ensure the project remained on budget, we made an effort to get creative. When it was possible, we tried to reuse and upcycle as many of the design elements as possible and using these unique installations, we achieved this.

We transformed the central atrium into a Mini St James' Park including a boating lake, complete with rowing boat, deckchairs, trees and grass. To add the originality of the office interior, the St James’ Park graphics were exclusively commissioned for Google’s new space.

As a mark of what we achieved with our office design for Google, we won the UK Property Award 2011’s Best Office Interior London prize. Prior to the refurbishment of the Google offices, there had been a missing ingredient – something that flaunted Google’s talented visionaries. Creating this ‘wow’ office helps to reflect the true atmosphere of their day to day office atmosphere.

Google St James's Park Atrium
Google Glass Manifestations
Google Seating Area
Google Reception
Peldon Rose challenged and evolved design. It was their sustained and contagious level of enthusiasm that clinched it for them.


Google Routemaster Bus
Google Seating Area Graffiti
Google Deckchair Meeting Room
Google Kitchen Area
Google Reception Desk