Essence have been through a meteoric rise in recent years. However, their offices could never keep up with their growth and diversity. Their new office needed to inspire their staff and keep them feeling fresh.

The first big step was to move from their small and disconnected environment in Soho to a shiny new office in Oxford Street. Then it was about creating a fun, supportive environment centred around their people. We tipped the traditional office design on its head and Essence now have a space for people to hang out and work however they choose.

One thing that Essence made clear to us was that they wanted to have a space that would focus on their people and maintain a buzz around the office. This starts with a bright and positive front of house space where you staff and guests are immediately greeted with a stylish multi-functional space. You are welcomed by the Box Park-style bleachers, with a hidden roof terrace for small meetings, or simply to get away from the office hustle and bustle. Their people (the ‘Essentials’) use the bleachers to work, meet, socialise, and for those all-important all-hands get-togethers. 

Essence Digital Theatre Seating


Essence place a huge amount of focus on staff wellbeing and this can be seen throughout their office interior. To keep energy levels high, the Italian coffee van sits in the middle of the office and serves as a hub for staff. When staff are keeping themselves pumped up, they can relax by playing table tennis or focus on their work in private booths.

The Essence office is fitted with features such as biophilic design, most notably in the Meditation Room. The living moss walls help create a refreshing work space and create the ideal environment for private or shared working. Fitted with writeable walls, small meetings and other catch ups become less formal and more engaging. The Peldon Rose furniture team focused on adding designs that will keep staff motivated and create a positive office design.

The new Essence office is a comfortable place that staff can enjoy and achieve success. Success has come outside of the office too. We were very proud to win 5* Best Office Interior at the International Property Awards 2016.

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Essence Digital Table Tennis
Essence Digital Meditation Room
Essence Digital The Meditation Room
Essence Bar Breakout Area
Essence Digital Flexible Workspace
Essence Digital Meeting Room
Essence Digital Theatre Seating
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