Office Relocation for Chrysaor

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Brettenham House, Covent Garden

Oil & Gas

Chrysaor is the UK's leading North Sea independent oil and gas company who partner with some of the world's largest companies. Their office relocation project was driven by a growing headcount and a requirement for better breakout space and collaborative areas for staff.

Chrysaor were already based in Brettenham Place but they had started to outgrow their space, so when the opportunity to move to a larger floor within the building came up, they took it. The new 10,000 sq ft office provides them with enough space to continue their growth and create a more open working environment. Our focus for the design was to use the space more intelligently and add in areas for collaborative working and improve the breakout facilities for staff.

Having worked with several oil and gas companies before, we were able to design a space which would help Chrysaor achieve their vision for the type of environment they wanted to work in, as well as show an understanding for what type of facilities they would need within the office. Chrysaor have another office in Aberdeen and part of our brief was to create a design that translated between the two offices, so we mirrored certain features from the Aberdeen office to create consistency between the two locations.

Chrysaor Reception Desk
Chrysaor Meeting Room
Chrysaor Boardroom
Chrysaor Boardroom Table

Office Furniture

Office furniture played a key role in enabling a more flexible environment which maximised the use of the space. Our in-house furniture team installed new furniture throughout the office and incorporated some key pieces of existing furniture where possible. To ensure staff could enjoy more freedom within the space, we installed a variety of furniture such as high benches, height adjustable desking and soft seating to create pockets of collaborative space throughout the office. The communal spaces and private offices have been positioned so that staff can benefit from the available natural light and views of the river.

Chrysaor Seating Area
Chrysaor Breakout Space
Chrysaor Collaborative Workspace
Chrysaor Height Adjustable Desks