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Relocation for Capula Investment Management

Making a statement

When Capula Investment Management moved to premises at Lancelot Park, opposite Harrods, they wanted an office design to match their surroundings and company values. As they wanted to move quickly, we created a design that allowed for a fast-track building programme. Using dark timbers placed alongside stainless steel and glass, the office interior has a traditional yet modern feel.

Against this backdrop we created two distinct areas in the office. The public space, for clients, is highly detailed and this area required exceptional construction skills to bring together the steel, stone, timber and glass that create it. With specialist lighting and audio-visual systems also integrated into the space, clients are welcomed into a professional and comfortable environment.

In contrast, the workspace has a simpler design and desks are arranged in an open-plan layout, with a minimal number of meeting areas. We built Capula a space that would allow them to flourish and they now have a striking reception lobby made of glass, wood and metal to welcome clients into a professional and comfortable environment. We kept the workspace minimalist, with desks arranged in an open-plan layout. This enables visitors to get a glimpse of the buzzing trading floor from reception.

Eighteen months later, Capula grew and took yet another floor, although this time we didn’t just add more workspace. Trading’s a 24-hour job and to make sure everyone’s well looked after, we built a kitchen and canteen for their in-house chef, complete with restaurant and café areas. This space has a range of seating to make it versatile for relaxing as well as working. We also installed a gym to help staff work off the calories from the chef’s culinary delights.

Our in-house furniture team installed furniture throughout the new workspace to bring the space together. There carefully selected pieces energise the space and enable employees to use the space for different purposes throughout the day and take time away from their desks.

Our Mechanical & Electrical team were integral to this project. They’re still on-call for further enhancements like a self-sufficient generator and uninterruptible power supply, known as a UPS, because there’s no time for down-time in trading.

Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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