Peldon Rose created a workplace to connect an expanding team

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101 Wigmore Street, Westminster


Bridgepoint is an international asset fund management group that connects ideas and capital with great business and needed a workplace to connect an expanding team. One of four of Bridgepoint’s distinct fund strategies, Bridgepoint Credit, had expanded rapidly and could no longer be contained within the group’s existing premises.

Selecting floor 6 of 101 Wigmore Street for the new home of Bridgepoint Credit was a deliberate and considered choice. Situated close to Bridgepoint’s main offices at 97 Wigmore Street, it offered Bridgepoint Credit its own bespoke home, while remaining close to the wider team. The space will be used in this way for up to two years, before the business brings the entire company together once more within a new location.    

Peldon Rose began the process by carefully examining how the team could inhabit the space. Offering both partial and full design solutions allowed a collaborative approach to take place between the project and client team who opted to redesign the entire of the 6,000 sq ft floorplate.

An understated, impactful design

As soon as you walk into the space you know you’re at Bridgepoint Credit. Visitors and staff are greeted by the bold logo, paired softly with triangular lighting and muted tones that reflects the brand’s palette. This angular design feature is further interwoven within the space across subtle wall detailing in cool blues and soft grey and strong, statement light hangings. The space plan separates different business activities, while keeping the team connected.  Across the lower section of the L-shaped floorplate, board and meeting rooms sit alongside soft seating and enclosed areas where more informal, yet private discussions can take place with clients.

Journeying along the linear space from the formalised meeting zones, an exchange of energy takes place as visitors are welcomed to the central teapoint. Flanked by an entire wall of windows, natural light floods the space creating a warm, open atmosphere. High benches and stools sit alongside the windows, offering a place for employees to gather for moments of collaboration and spontaneous interaction. Lastly, the open-plan desk area encourages colleagues to congregate to carry out daily tasks at individual workstations. The largest section of the floorplate is paired with additional windows on either side, that makes for a bright and welcoming working environment.

Different working environments

Importantly, the space caters for different activities and employee needs. Supporting a culture of openness and transparency, the executive office sits adjacent to the open-plan workstations, separated by a translucent glass wall featuring geometric manifestation detailing. The result is a private space that still remains open and accessible to the wider team. For required moments of discretion for the wider team, enclosed phone booths offer confidentiality, while pockets of soft seating offer zones for undisturbed work, separated from the buzz of activity by angular walls.


Catering for the needs of a modern workforce

Providing a workplace that would appropriately support the growing team was a key element of the brief. Bridgepoint’s investment into a full suite of new furniture reflects a commitment to cater for the ergonomic needs of the workforce. Comfortable sofa seating in breakout areas combine with robust task chairs and high-quality workstations that appropriately support every employee.

Similarly, the installation of shower facilities, lockers and tall cupboards to store clothing allow employees to take care of their own wellbeing, offering the chance to actively commute to and from the space.

The importance of communication

The entire process of transforming the space was conducted by working closely with the client and project management team at ERA. Delivered under a challenging set of circumstances during a winter impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, regular meetings were conducted over Zoom. Additionally, project teams came together on site when possible, to ensure the project’s smooth and swift progression. Nevertheless, the project was delivered ahead of schedule to the high quality expected, demonstrating the importance of regular communication and cooperation.

Project Director Mike Trim said: ‘When we first started working with Bridgepoint, the intention was to sublet the space at 101 Wigmore Street to another business. When we presented our design scheme, I was proud that the client made the choice to occupy the space themselves, choosing it as a home for subsidiary Bridgepoint Credit.’