BDO Fibonacci

Supporting a cultural change

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55 Baker Street, Marylebone


Working with BDO and the client Project Manager, Stace, Peldon Rose returned to 55 Baker Street to create the striking Fibonacci restaurant for their 1,800 staff. The objective was to create a modern space which would entice staff to work away from their desks and be more agile. This would help facilitate a cultural change in their office where staff can more easily collaborate through informal meetings and build new connections. By providing a range of attractive workspaces to choose to work or meet, as well as a well-stocked restaurant kitchen, BDO would also be able to support staff wellbeing.

  • Entice staff to be more agile
  • Improve collaboration and communication
  • Support cultural change and staff wellbeing

Having worked with BDO previously, Peldon Rose were invited back to help transform their staff canteen in to a modern restaurant. The canteen was a blank canvas, with white walls and standard furniture which was failing to entice staff away from their desks. BDO wanted to make their staff feel inspired, valued and appreciated, creating a destination for them collaborate in.

Fibonacci Breakout Seating

Innovative design solutions

Our first step was to work with the project team to help define the brief and examine ways in which we could transform the space, meet their objectives and provide the best value for money within their budget. Through careful cost management, our project managers examined alternative solutions, materials and products which would deliver the desired finish and maintain the design integrity. To ensure people would enjoy staying in a comfortable environment, we focused on creating excellent acoustics. We did this by installing carpets, acoustic ceiling fins, textured wall finishes and a range of soft furnishings, including stylish banquette seating. We also installed creative coloured panels throughout the space to add character and warmth.

Fibonacci soft seating
Fibonacci Staff Breakout
Fibonacci bench seats
Fibonacci Coloured Dividers

Weekend and out-of-hours refurbishment

During the refurbishment, our construction manager was on site throughout the project, phasing works of the new Fibonacci restaurant and managing weekend and out-of-hours work. This ensured we avoided disruptions, so the kitchen operators could continue to do business, BDO staff could continue enjoying refreshments, and other businesses at 55 Baker Street were not inconvenienced. In addition to avoiding disruption, the project team, including Project Manager Stace, were able to pull together and reduce the build programme by 2 weeks.

Fibonacci High Benches
Fibonacci Restaurant Area
Fibonacci communa lspace