The Bank of Taiwan had to relocate their London office after the lease for their office in Basinghall Street was terminated. They needed to find a new property that was appropriate for their requirements and would also provide enough space for their sub tenant. The Bank of Taiwan London branch now occupies 5,200 sq ft on the 17th floor of 99 Bishopsgate in a more modern space that has reinvigorated their environment and brought their heritage to the forefront of their office space. Their new office space provides them with enough space to grow their team, as well as host more meetings and video conferences in the office.

The office design had to be smart and modern without being ostentatious. There also needed to be opportunities to subtly introduce the company’s heritage within the space while retaining an uncomplicated and elegant design. The office benefits from good exposure to natural light so we positioned workstations and offices on the perimeter of the floor plate to create a bright working environment for staff.

To make sure we were working within our budget, we carried out extensive building comparisons and fully analysed each property that was being considered during the process. Being able to assess features such as the condition of the mechanical and electrical services, so we had a clear understanding of the condition of each potential space.

Bank of Taiwan Welcome Space
Bank of Taiwan Office Layout

Financial Office Design

The London branch of the Bank of Taiwan regularly receives international visitors, so the office had to be a client friendly environment while still retaining a professional and elegant design. We focused on making the front of house a modest space that subtly incorporated the company’s brand, heritage and awards to create an impactful welcome to the environment.

As well as making guests feel welcome within the space, Bank of Taiwan also had the requirement of large meeting and conferencing spaces. Having this space to hold large conferences within the office was an essential feature so we installed full AV conferencing facilities to ensure that they can connect easily with their international client base.

Bank of Taiwan Meeting Suite
Bank of Taiwan Boardroom
Bank of Taiwan Breakout Space
Bank of Taiwan Workstations
Bank of Taiwan Office Space