Our objective: On a single floor that holds two separate companies, design two offices that promote individual identity with a distinct professionalism and usability.

The solution: We created two offices which were tailored to the individual needs of our clients and showcased their brand and personality. Acord’s office is a contemporary design with both collaborative and private workspaces, as well as the impressive auditorium space. IUA’s office is a bright and open environment that will inspire both staff and clients.

Having made first contact with our team over a year before their office fit-out work began, we worked closely with Acord to support them through the office relocation process. During that time one office fit-out project became two, as Acord chose to split their office and rent their extra space at 1 Minster Court in Mincing Lane to IUA.

With a separate office space for IUA and the hireable auditorium, our office design specialists maintained a high level of communication with both clients throughout the project. Having a prior knowledge of working in the building, as well as having a year to build a strong relationship with our clients, we could ensure a smooth process and seamless delivery of this office fit-out project.

IUA lobby

Office fit-out for Acord and IUA

Although the offices occupied the same building and floor space, there were two separate goals for each of the office designs. For IUA, there needed to be a welcoming front of house area that would greet clients into their space. Having moved from an office in a basement space, IUA made it clear they wanted a modern space that was focused on promoting staff welfare with bright, energising accents throughout the space.  All aspects of this office fit-out were highly organised and kept separate, despite being in the same office space. Holding separate meetings and maintaining our clients were always updated with the latest updates, we ensured that the project ran smoothly and no design elements were missed or mixed up.

With the objective of their brand to create a more efficient workplace, Acord’s office space needs to easily accommodate for their many affiliates and visitors from all over the world. Their office space had to provide somewhere for their visitors to work and use as a base when visiting the London office. Acord’s office design is an open plan, smart working environment but their workspace also has quiet, more private spaces where staff can concentrate. Having fitted all new furniture throughout the work space, the high-backed pod sofas provide an informal meeting area, as an alternative to the private meeting room and office at the back of the office.

Acord tea point
Acord entrance
Acord office

A positive working environment

One feature Acord and IUA were both interested in was activating their spaces with bright brand colours in shared areas. The inclusion of the tea points keep staff refreshed and gives them a central hub for the office space. The bright red and yellow accents are allocated to Acord and IUA’s spaces, respectively. By including these colourful panels, brand identity can flow through the space and is an uplifting design.

In the kitchen space for the auditorium, we have included high benches and bar stool seating that supports a more open environment. This configuration encourages interaction and socialisation during a breakout of the auditorium space which was the main motivation behind this space. Although Acord staff can access this area, it is largely reserved for the auditorium area so that visitors and guests have got all the facilities they need to comfortably enjoy their experience when attending a conference or presentation. The open kitchen area is also easy to reposition, allowing the space to be used for events.

Acord Boardroom
IUA office space

Fresh and uplifting office design

The most challenging element of this office fit-out was the central core of the building that we had to work around. To retain the open and spacious feel of the office, our design team wanted to avoid having a maze of corridors and closing the space off.

By utilising the interesting aspects of the architecture, the lines and angles aligned with façade of building. Focusing on this aspect of the design, we were able to promote a clean and contemporary office space. Being on the 8th floor, we could brighten the office using natural light and a modern uncomplicated design to focus on the efficiency and flow of the office. As IUA had moved out of a basement office, we wanted to ensure that we gave them the most spacious and bright office space possible.

IUA tea point
Acord sofas
Throughout the process Peldon Rose worked to accommodate our ideas. The new office really benefits our people.



IUA lobby area
Acord tea point
Acord office space
Acord conference space
Acord Telecomms room