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Hannah Nardini

Workplace Consultant

Hannah Nardini

"Understanding people is vital for successful workplace design."

Hannah is an Interior Design and Workplace Strategist. Having trained in psychology she is able to explore how people interact, behave and work within a space and with each other. As well as thinking in solutions, Hannah can extract relevant data from an organisation and analyse it into meaningful recommendations. The psychology aspect bought to the process allows for basic strategies that ensure comfort to the occupants and a scheme that works on a functional level.

Hannah regularly conducts seminars on new ways of working and enjoys interactions with people. Qualified in change management practices, she is able to engage with staff at all levels to aid them in understanding the new workplace and the impact the change is likely to have upon their day to day lives. In her spare time she enjoys travelling and exploring the world and the cultures within it as well as spending time with her family.


Favourite Projects