Refurbish, relocate, or have you considered a ready-to-work space

Steve Taylor, Project Director Landlords, Furniture, Design

That is the question and one of the most important decisions businesses must make when they are looking at their workspace options.

Relocating an office can sometimes seem like too much of an overhaul, and when your current space just isn’t working for you, opting for a ready-to-work scheme is a viable option some businesses should consider.

What are the barriers to having your own space?

We often hear a recurring concern from businesses - is having their own office too much? The fear of a lease being too long with traditional Cat A can be daunting for a start-up or young business. Cat A+ are available for short term lease of 12 months plus, giving businesses the flexibility to review if the space is too big or too small. We’ve also seen a shift in business leaders preferring a short term, or even a flexible lease.

What is Cat A+ / ready-to-work scheme?

A ready-to-work scheme is a functional and simple way of moving to an office that is fitted out and furnished fully ready for a flourishing business, with a semi-blank canvas to personalise in line with a business’s brand and culture, without significant investment.

What type of businesses is ready-to-work most suitable for?

Ready-to-work schemes are suitable for a variety of growing businesses with an occupancy of 10 to 100. Start-ups moving from a traditional co-working or shared office space – who are just outgrowing what a co-working environment can provide, and are striving for ‘their own front door’, a place to call home, to incubate their culture, and more recently, to provide another level of health and safety for their employees.

How can businesses personalise the space?

Lots of ways! Graphics, brand alignment such as colours and logos and signage. This really allows the tenant to amplify the space. We’ve worked on some great schemes that are nuanced to the area that they are based, such as more historically industrial areas of East London. The design style encapsulates the area but offers a blank canvas for a tenant to bring their own flare to the space.

We can support a client on this journey to help them personalise without clashing with what’s already in situ.

What about furniture?

Ready-to-work schemes come complete with furniture, provided by the landlord. Everything you need from desks, chairs, break out spaces, meeting room equipment and technology, the space is quite literally ‘ready to work’.

Detail shot of brown terazzo worktop with brown leather seating

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