Skydive for Mind 2017

10 April 2017. News.

With what is possibly the most over due skydive ever, Peldon Rose completed their skydive for Mind on Sunday, having had the first of the team finish their jumps back in November. It was a long awaited jump but a glorious day for Benjamin Murray and Tomas De España Menarguez to jump. Clear skies made for a fantastic skydive from 15,000 ft, the highest commercial dive height in the UK.

Mind were our charity of the year for 2017 so this skydive, which helped to raise over £1,700, was a fantastic way to complete our final fundraiser. We are proud to support such a fantastic charity and thank you to everyone that has donated and taken part in the fundraisers. A huge thanks goes out to our kind sponsors, Elite Supplies and Twisted Pair, who helped us get this challenge off the ground. We were also supported by generous donations from family and friends which saw our team raise over £3,000. 

If you want to watch the skydive, you can see the video here and it is not too late to donate to the cause on our JustGiving page.

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