Prepping for Pret at Verde Building, Victoria

30 November 2015. News.

Undoubtedly one of the highlights for Peldon Rose this year was being chosen by Pret A Manger to design and build their new London head office at Verde Building in Victoria. As you can imagine, we were delighted and it's kept us all rather busy...

We’ve spent the past few months getting to know Pret inside and out in terms of their business, brand, people and workspace requirements.‎ That doesn't mean tasting all of their great food unfortunately (although we’ve had a little nibble), but instead we’ve been spending time understanding what makes them such a great business and such a happy team.

Inside their current London office we began conducting a Workplace Appraisal in July to help us create an occupational brief for their new home. This has involved meetings and workshops with Pret staff from across the business, worker profile surveys and we also conducted a time and motion study of how they use their current office. After all, we have to be certain that what Pret teams think they want is actually what they need.

Outside of their office, we hit the streets visiting their shops to fully understand their business at the front end and their customers. Steve Taylor, Project Director at Peldon Rose, has led the project from the start and even helped out working at our local Wimbledon Pret shop for the day.

Steve says “It’s really important to truly understand the unique DNA and culture of any business we work for. We must get to know who they are, what they do and how they do it before we even start dreaming up any design concepts. How can you design anything if you don't know who you're designing for? By immersing ourselves in their business and experiencing the same things that the Pret team face on a daily basis, only then do we feel qualified to deliver something truly exceptional and uniquely Pret. The energy, enthusiasm, togetherness and humour that we have experienced by working with the Pret team over the past months is something we’ll be bringing in to their new office at Verde Building in Victoria”.

Please check back soon for more information on this fantastic new project!

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