On site: New office for eCommerce specialists Salmon

05 July 2018. News.

We are currently 9 weeks into a 12-week build programme in Watford, developing the new 28,000 sq ft office for eCommerce specialist, Salmon. Salmon are relocating their office due to their current lease expiring. Relocating to a larger office gives them an opportunity to create a more collaborative working environment pace which allows for better staff integration.  

Salmon Reception 

The new office will be spread over 5 floors, so we conducted a workplace study, so we could learn more about how the people at Salmon worked, and how we could design an environment that would support them best. Our engagement with the client has enabled us to understand what kind of environment they wanted to create, and the core principles of communication and collaboration were key for the office design and layout.

An important feature in the office will be the 3rd floor canteen, which forms the new communal hub of the space. With teams spread across five floors, the theory behind the design is to create a focal point of the space which people will naturally gravitate to. This will help create more collaborative moments but will help support the shift to being in a more agile space and build a community culture.


Salmon New Office Design Teapoint 

The concepts of being collaborative and working in a connected environment has allowed for a flexible office space and means that staff aren’t restricted. Each member of staff will get their own desk, but this office will be supported by diverse meeting spaces as well as a range of high benches, sofas and armchairs to give staff the platform to work how they want to. We have designed a new, inspirational working environment for the people at Salmon which uniquely supports their working style. This is an exciting progression for the company and marks a new chapter for the eCommerce specialists as they continue to grow their business.



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