New case study: TNS UK

29 September 2016. News.

It was our job to instil confidence in TNS UK and help them understand how their company could benefit from activity based working. Changing from a traditional cellular office, this new environment has helped to change the way their staff work but also to create more space to allow for increased occupancy levels. Listen to TNS UK CEO, Will Gagley, explain how their new office design has been transformational for their business and how it has benefited their people.

To help energise their office space and create a more collaborative work environment, TNS UK's new office enables staff to work with more freedom. As a result of introducing this more fluid working style, TNS UK has already seen a positive impact on their financials and individual staff performances. By promoting this new working mind-set, TNS UK have seen an improvement in the creativity and positivity of staff as they seek to find new ways to work in their environment.

Check out the full case study for TNS UK to discover their new environment.

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