Generations and the workplace research

04 May 2017. News.

We partnered with Kingston University and their Broadening Horizons programme to research the different generations in the workplace and the influence of work culture on office design and trends in the workplace.

The student team was made up of Rana Yigitbasi, Aayat Jariwala, Ridvan Yildiz and Hind Hamdouni and they worked with Peldon Rose, and our existing clients, to explore how workplace design can be adapted to meet the needs of a mixed generation workforce. Our research into the forgotten generation of the workplace helped inspire some of the main research topics, which included:

  • How do expectations differ between generations?
  • How are the requirements of different generations reflected in workplace design?
  • What will the future workplace look like?

To find out the key recommendations and an overview of the project research, you can view the key findings here: Kingston University Multi Generational Workplace Overview

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