What does your office interior say about your business?

07 December 2017. Features.

Each office has its own unique purpose and the best office designs are focused on the people using them and enhancing their productivity. Your office should be a representation of your brand and certain design styles have become synonymous with different sectors. The workplace is made up of a diverse network of individuals and any business should recognise the requirements of the personality types within them; introverts, extroverts and ambiverts.

But what does your office design say about your company? These are 4 examples of different design styles and what they say about your working style, brand identity and company culture.


Modern Office Design – Arrowgrass, Marlyebone

High-end finishes and privacy are a key requirement for financial offices – lots of meeting rooms and private offices create a more traditional workplace environment. The combination of glass and marble creates a professional atmosphere and the space is stripped back and looking fresh. This kind of work space benefits from staff initiatives, large breakout spaces and, like at Arrowgrass, an office gym.


Arrowgrass Glass Corridor


Industrial Office Design – Beauhurst, Brixton

More companies are embracing the industrial style and challenging the traditional conventions of the workplace. Embracing the raw characteristics of the architecture like exposed brickwork, original floorboards and industrial metal fixtures are the desirable urban look of bold, energetic brands that are moving away from traditional concepts. It enables greater collaboration and encourages innovation within an open workplace. 


Beauhurst industrial office


Scandinavian Office Design - Nordea, City

The key principles of Scandinavian design; clean, bright space with natural elements and subtle pops of colour. This creates the sense of spaciousness and a calm atmosphere which ties into reliability and trust. The uncomplicated design at Nordea embraces their Nordic heritage and demonstrates their professionalism and security as a financial institution.


Scandinavian office interior


Eclectic & Bold Office Design – Bazaarvoice, Hammersmith

Brightly coloured furniture, unique meeting spaces and quirky detailing is part of the eclectic and bold style showcasing the creative energy at Bazaarvoice. The office is filled with a mixture of styles, textures and design elements that energise the space to make it a distinct, memorable office. The personality of your brand show come through in your office design and this style makes an impact.


Bold eclectic office design


As office design experts, we understand how to communicate your company culture, brand identity and business values through your office space. Introverts, extroverts and ambiverts can successfully integrate into any workplace with the right requirements put in place. This is where companies need to integrate their people and design an office that is inspired by your people and by a physical representation of your identity. Contact us to learn more about the workplace consultancy process we use to understand what underpins your business.

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