The versatile office trend: Writeable walls

27 November 2014. Features.

When inspiration hits and you cannot find a pen and paper, the solution could be within the interiors trend; writeable walls.

Say goodbye to frantically running across the office to try and find a pen to jot down the idea, before it fades.

Practically vs. decorative art

This interiors trend has become extremely popular very quickly within offices across the country as companies see the multifunctional benefits of being able to write all over the walls. Be it either creating amazing art pieces and wall decorations to using them to scribble ideas when collaborating in a group; they are extremely versatile in function.

The original; the humble chalk board

Writeable walls are no new concept though; remember the days of primary school when learning English and Maths on the black chalk board? The chalk board originated back in the early 19th Century where it was first used to teach Geography at the Old High School of Edinburgh.

Is this interiors trend just suited to the office?

But this interiors trend doesn’t only have to be confined to the office walls. Writeable walls could be perfect for those with young children who like to scribble on walls - or big kids who like to be creative!

We’ve used writeable walls within a number of our projects such as Essence, Charity Job and JustGiving, allowing their staff to creativity explode just as that life-changing idea hits.

How would you use writeable walls within your office or home?

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