How to get the perfect office temperature

13 December 2016. Features.

Braving the cold and frosty elements on the daily commute is a sign that winter has established itself and the only thing that motivates you to get into work is the promise of a hot cup of coffee and a warm, well-heated office. Failure to provide staff with heating and comfortable working conditions can harm productivity and, especially in the winter months, poorly maintained ventilation and air conditioning can lead to unnecessary sickness.

Ensuring the office air conditioning is working efficiently can have a positive impact on your business and enhance the productivity of your staff. In the cold winter months and in an effort to maintain a comfortable office temperature, these are some of the key things to consider when installing mechanical and electrical elements into your office design or carrying out AC maintenance.

Full inspection

It is never too late to think about carrying out a full inspection on your offices’ HVAC system and BMS to ensure that everything is operating as it should. One of the most common causes of air conditioning breakdowns come from improper checks or failure to monitor the performance of HVAC systems. By carrying out regular checks on your office air conditioning, you can prevent breakdowns at important times of the year and address any issues before they can impact your business. 

Make staff comfortable

A comfortable office temperature is extremely important in the winter months and the only way to avoid a workforce dressed in scarfs and woolly hats is to ensure the air-conditioning and heating systems are fully functional. Staff health and wellbeing also needs to be considered and the influx of sickness in the winter months needs to be kept to a minimum by ensuring staff have a well-ventilated and warm workspace.

Comfortable environment for guests

Efficient air-conditioning is not just important for your staff; it is also essential that visitors feel comfortable in your office. When you have visitors coming to your office you want to create the most welcoming and inviting environment possible. If your visitors walk into a freezing cold office, or equally, into a hot and stuffy workspace they are not going to feel relaxed. By installing high quality air conditioning systems in the office, you can easily regulate the office temperature so you can easily maintain a comfortable environment throughout the office.

Enhance staff performance

If the office is too cold, you can expect your staff to focus more on trying to figure out ways of keeping warm than doing the work that is in front of them. Research from 2013 showed us that the optimum temperature for an office is 21-22ºC as this makes staff most productive. As soon as temperatures vary above or below 21-22ºC, it starts to have a noticeable impact on staff. Coupled with creating an uninspired and disgruntled workforce that are worried about the cold, neglecting the minimum working temperature will distract people from work and could lead to a negative atmosphere in the workplace.

If the temperature in your office is impacting on your workforce and staff productivity levels, discover how we can help create a comfortable working environment with our Mechanical & Electrical expertise.

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