Cycle to Work Day 2016

05 September 2016. Features.

At Peldon Rose, we are supporting Cycle to Work Day 2016 and are excited to champion it for another year. Cycle to Work Day is an event held on September 14th, 2016 and the aim behind holding this national event is to encourage everyone to take to two wheels and cycle to work for at least one day. Last year tens of thousands of people got involved and cycling is becoming an excellent way to motivate staff to break their normal commuting routines and cycle into the office.

After the successes of the previous years, Cycle to Work Day 2016 is looking to continue the hugely positive response that has resulted in seeing over 740,000 people in the UK regularly cycle to work. The event is an effort to make people get out on their bikes for one day and a chance for employers to encourage their staff to promote a healthier office environment and more active lifestyle. With this growth in the demand for cycling to work, office environments need to be adapted to cater for a health-conscious workforce.

Shower facilities at Nicoll Curtin

In response to the trend of more people using bikes to get to work, more offices are beginning to introduce shower facilities, storage lockers and cycle racks into the office design. At Peldon Rose, this is an essential addition to our office as it enables staff to cycle to work, train for triathlons and even take part in cycling clubs after work. Peldon Rose are signed up to Cyclescheme which enables employees to get tax-free bikes and save up to 42% on a bicycle. By introducing the correct facilities and initiatives into the office environment, we can help staff to merge their busy active lifestyles with their daily routine.

Cycling storage at Office Space in Town Monument

Introducing new initiatives into the workplace such as Cycle to Work Day is an easy way to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of employees. Improving your office design to help staff maintain a healthier lifestyle and contribute to a happier work environment can increase productivity and efficiency in the office.

Take advantage of a Free Bike Health Check as part of Cycle to Work Day. It’s a free serivce for your bike, a bit like a bike MOT. You can book your bike in for a check up at a local retailer to get your bike ready to ride work on September 14th. You can also keep up with this year's Cycle to Work Day on Twitter using #CycleToWorkDay and share pictures of you and your bike!

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