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17 August 2020. Features.

Jonathan Dawes joined Peldon Rose in 2012 to head up a team dedicated to design and build for small to medium enterprises. In his latest feature JD explains Peldon Rose’s unique approach to the intricate needs of SME’s. 

We understand the intricate requirements of small to medium-sized businesses

Our dedicated SME team was founded to provide small to medium enterprises (SME’s) with a highly bespoke interior design, with the same level of attention to detail as larger enterprise projects. We have harnessed 35 years of knowledge and experience, to provide a high-quality and personable experience for clients occupying up to 6,000 sq ft.

We understand this can be the first time some businesses have approached a workspace fit out - taking on your own first tenancy can be daunting. Our 360-life cycle approach doesn’t just look at the physical building or space, but the people, beliefs and cultures that drive a business’s success.

A side-by-side relationship from start to finish

We understand the fit out process from conception through to project completion. Our clients have a dedicated project director throughout the project lifecycle, partnering from pitch to pre-construction, liaising with landlords and the license to alter (LTA) process, creating a single point of contact all the way through to project completion.

Creating a destination workspace within your budget

Each project has a personal interior designer who works on the design concept and development, complete with technical construction knowledge to create a boutique workspace.

Typical SME clients vary, everything from startups to well established businesses - what remains consistent is the desire to create a destination office - working within the client’s budget. Our passion for design delivers desired results, and the day-to-day relationship we build supports our client’s stakeholder management and investment. We always go the extra mile.

What does experience tell us? 

  • SME projects average from four to eight weeks on site
  • Project size range between 4,000 sq ft and 8,000 sq ft, the sweet spot being 4,500sqft
  • 70% of the work is transforming Cat A to Cat B
  • 30% of our works take place in occupation, either refurbishing or churning our client’s space to create a space tailored to their business specific requirements

Overcoming your challenges together

We understand the challenges SME’s are faced with and strive problem solve with you. Our support and experience include:

  • Lease break or lease expiry
  • Office expansion and relocation
  • Day one and day two expansion - if it’s going to be saleable for the client
  • Timescales and budgets, and can support with guidance regarding finance options

Our experience

We’re a personable team with great hands on experience of delivering projects, take a look at our global client portfolio.

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