6 seriously cool meeting spaces

19 April 2017. Features.

Meeting spaces are one of the most integral features to any office design and the best meeting spaces are visually engaging with stylish or quirky designs. Every space should be tailored to how you want your people to use it or the atmosphere you want it to inspire. Whether you need to wow visiting clients or cultivate your team's creative ideas, these six seriously cool meeting spaces transform regular meetings with their unique designs and make them unforgettable features of the office. 


1. Office Space in Town Waterloo

office space in town meeting room design


Delivered in partnership with Sam Kopsch Studios, this served office space at Office Space in Town @Waterloo has a Lewis Carroll inspired theme. Throughout the whole office space there are brilliant design touches that refer to the Lewis Carroll novel. As well as meeting rooms inspired by the Cheshire Cat and Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, the Queen of Hearts room is decorated with over-sized playing cards to deliver a unique and visually stunning space.

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2. Friends of the Earth 

office design with igloo meeting room


Having conducted extensive workplace consultancy with Friends of the Earth, we wanted to bring their people together in a more connected office space. The design ethos was driven by the concept of 'what if the earth was flat?', which resulted into a variety of geographical regions across their London office. Their new office design is split into rainforest spaces, covered in biophilic design, and the polar regions, where meetings and held inside an iceberg. 

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3. Essence Digital

biophilic office design at Essence


The Essence office is filled with biophilic design and the Meditation Room is a refreshing, green space. The biophilic design creates a distinct environment for both private and shared working, with its calming atmosphere and writable walls, the Meditation Room gives meetings a fresh and vibrant edge.

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4. Fetch

Meeting space at Fetch office


The meeting rooms at mobile agency Fetch are themed around biscuits, and our favourite, Jammie Dodger, is fitted with a table tennis table and astro-turf flooring. This office meeting space provides a window into the energetic, creative tone behind Fetch's ideas and campaigns, showing off their fun company culture. 

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5. MOO

Mid century design at MOO office


The London office for MOO is spread across 33,000 sq ft and has 13 totally unique meeting rooms, inspired by typefaces. Every meeting room design uses a visual representation of the font, bringing it to life. One of the most stylish meeting rooms, Courier, is inspired by vintage mid-century typewriter font and is filled with stunning period furniture. To complete the rooms finish, and in true 1960s, Mad Men fashion, there is even a whiskey cabinet.

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6. Intrepid Travel

Intrepid Travel office design with bleacher seating


The office at Intrepid Travel is split across two floors and features a cool, trendy breakout and meeting space. The bleacher seating and oversized beanbags provide a chilled-out space for all the Intrepid staff to have company-wide catch ups and small internal meetings. The design is matched to the stripped back look of the property, setting the right atmosphere for the laid back, fresh approach of the talented people at Intrepid Travel.

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Make your meetings fun again! If you think we could help improve your meeting spaces and create something memorable for your business then get in touch with us to learn what changes you could make to get the most out of your office design.

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