5 etiquette tips for your Christmas party

15 December 2017. Features.

The DJs have been dry cleaned, new dresses and heals have arrived and nail technicians and hairdressers are busier than ever. It can only mean one thing – it’s the Christmas office party season. But as everyone gears up ready to relax, unwind and party with their colleagues, our latest winter happy office survey has uncovered some interesting stats and sound advice those getting ready to party.

Our latest research reveals that 71% of employees will enjoy a Christmas party and 65% of people enjoy attending them. To help ensure everyone has a merry Christmas party, we’ve also included a few etiquette tips to help ensure office parties are a cause for celebration rather than censure. 

Here are the most inappropriate Christmas party behaviours uncovered in our latest research:

  • Drinking too much (66%)
  • Flirting with a colleague/boss (55%)
  • Gossiping about the company or colleagues (51%)
  • Dressing inappropriately (30%)
  • Not attending (21%)
  • Dancing inappropriately (20%)

To help avoid party etiquette mistakes at your office Christmas party, we’ve set out our top five etiquette tips: 

Pace yourself

The number one Christmas party etiquette mistake was named as drinking too much (66%). Some of us need a drink to warm up, but too many and some people engage in outrageous or out of character behaviour that may get them into trouble. Drink plenty of water, go steady and set a limit for yourself so you remain aware of your intake and your actions.

Avoid flirting

The annual Christmas party is a great time to get to know each other better, however drinking too much can get employees in trouble if they become over-familiar or drop in any risqué remarks or innuendos. Have fun, enjoy the dancing but avoid flirting and stay professional.

Opinions time

It’s always tempting after a few drinks to give opinions and air any frustrations, but the office party really isn’t the place to do it. When it comes to chatting with colleagues ask them plenty of questions, relive funny moments from the year and always keep the conversation positive. Avoid being drawn into any talk that may seem gossipy. Instead, make an exit and discover your moves on the dance floor.

Dress to impress

The office Christmas party is more informal than a typical work day, but it is still a company event. Dress a bit fancier, but remain work-appropriate. Stand out in a smart, professional way.

Show up

If you are one of the 35% who say they don’t enjoy attending their Christmas party, you should still think about whether you can attend. Your company wants to thank you and your absence may be noticed by colleagues. Making an appearance, if even briefly, will show your support for the company and you may meet new friends in the office.


However you’re celebrating Christmas this year, we wish you a very merry time.

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