3 ideas to motivate employees and improve staff welfare this summer

15 June 2016. Features.

By making small changes to your staff motivation plans and staff welfare strategy, you can maintain a positive office environment and ensure productivity levels are kept high. Introducing these 3 initiatives to your office this summer will help improve staff welfare and enhance both happiness and productivity in the workplace.

As the workplace thinkers & makers, we at Peldon Rose know the value of blending design and staff welfare. These two factors are essential to creating a work/love balance and always use this as the starting point for ensuring our own office, as well as the office designs we create, are fun places to be all year round. We conducted a survey of almost 1,000 office workers to find the ‘equation of a happy office’ where fitness and welfare initiatives were ranked highly amongst respondents and  66% of workers felt more motivated in the summer months.

Having said this, the summer does provide plenty of distractions as office workers seek to spend more time outdoors enjoying the (hopefully) lovely weather! To overcome the challenges that are created by a dip in productivity because of this, there is a whole host of ways to improve staff welfare and staff engagement to keep employee motivation high during the summer months.

By making small changes to your staff motivation plans and staff welfare strategy, you can maintain a positive office environment and ensure productivity levels are kept high.


Summer office party

Let’s be honest, everybody loves a party, so when it comes to improving staff morale during the summer months, holding a large event that gets everyone together or even just having some drinks and a BBQ at the office can provide a much-needed jolt of inspiration among staff.

As teams and departments become smaller and more fragmented as employees take their hard-earned summer holidays, staff from across the company come together to collaborate on projects they wouldn’t normally work on together. This makes keeping staff focused and motivated, a tough task. Especially if the sun is shining outside!

Hosting a summer office party or other summer events, such as sports days or picnics, is an excellent opportunity to encourage staff engagement, especially between different departments. Provided the temperamental British weather allows it, a simple BBQ at a lunch time or after work can help staff learn more about their counterparts’ responsibilities and develop new perspectives about job roles. Increasing this awareness helps to prepare staff for working with and across new departments during the summer months when different aspects of the company have to link up.

Small events like a BBQ or picnic are not expensive to run but the benefits come from creating a buzz among staff and refreshing their energy. Whether it is run as a one off or a recurring event, staff are motivated by initiatives that are dedicated to making the workplace fun. Running a summer office party requires slightly more preparation, but celebrating staff and generating a positivity around the office with an event will help to motivate and lift employees halfway through the year.


Summer working hours

With an increased focus on flexibility in the workplace and flexible working hours, offering staff the chance to work summer hours is an excellent initiative that helps staff to feel motivated. In exchange for working longer office hours from Monday - Thursday, allowing staff to finish early on a Friday, or take the day off completely, is a becoming an increasingly popular feature of staff welfare policies. Any initiative that puts more control back into the hands of the employee can increase productivity in the workplace as employees can see a tangible benefit from delivering their work to a schedule.

Giving staff flexibility in their hours, especially during the summer, gives employees more opportunity to use their extra time for mini-trips and other fun activities. A 2014 study conducted by The University of Warwick looked at the link between happiness and productivity at work and, unsurprisingly, their research shows that “‘happier’ workers are intrinsically more productive.”

For staff that feel these hours don’t benefit their schedule, offer alternatives that will be more suitable to people as not everyone will want the longer hours. The goal is to achieve happy workers and improve drive and motivation in the office environment.

Having happy staff can obviously be interpreted in a number of different ways, but the important concept shown by this research is that there is a link between productivity and investing time into staff welfare. By focusing on a more productive week, staff get more time to do the things that make them happy and do things they usually have to cram into their weekend.


Office health and fitness initiatives

Health and fitness regimes can also prove popular with staff as an easy way to unwind after the working day and socialise with colleagues. Running clubs, yoga sessions or workout groups can largely be run completely free of charge and providing this platform for staff to look after their health and fitness also improves interaction at work but it is a fun and energising way to boost morale. Corporate gym memberships are also available and provide an extra option to staff that wish to use the gym before, during or after work. It is also easy to take advantage of national events such as Cycle to Work Day on 14th September 2016.

Stephen Bevan’s 2010 report : The Business Case for Employees Health and Wellbeing states that “Employers often recognise that their businesses benefit in many ways from a healthy and engaged workforce, yet the same employers can equally be reluctant to invest in long-term (and sometimes even short-term) measures to improve the health of their workplaces.”

At Peldon Rose, we have placed staff health and welfare right at the forefront of the business by offering a range of health benefits to our staff as well as staff-coordinated fitness programmes. A running club, cycling club, frequent triathlon participation and strength and conditioning classes are some of the more popular fitness programmes available at our office, run by individuals at the company.


It is totally down to personal choice if you want to take part, but as we take on new challenges, the interest in 10k runs, half-marathons and even triathlons continues to grow. The next challenge will include around 20 members of Peldon Rose will be taking part in the various race types at the Dorney Lake Triathlon on 14th August.

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