Office environment

Office environment

An incredible office environment can help to inspire staff and transform the workplace into an energising destination. Work with our experts to reinvigorate your current space or begin creating a new office environment for your business.

3 tips for creating an inspiring office environment

Through office design, we can create the right environment for your business that will ensure productive, happy staff. Office environments need to balance design and practical features that support the work your people do. An office that doesn't make people comfortable can have a negative effect on employee satisfaction and productivity. These three tips below are just some of the ways you can begin to revitalise your work environment.

Foster collaboration

Collaboration is essential to how the people at MOO work, so we made sure that the heart of their office space features a long collaboration bench. Collaborative spaces enable staff to inspire one other through interaction, helping to enhance communication in the office.

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Install writeable walls

Transform an office wall into a writeable wall. It's an easy way to encourage knowledge sharing and create a buzz in the office. The blackboards at JustGiving are used to introduce new staff, promote forthcoming events and build excitement around their brand and business.

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Keep a bright, clean and comfortable office

Nordea's office is bright and filled with organic tones and simple lines that help to maintain a relaxing and clean working environment. Maintaining an uncluttered workspace promotes a positive brand image, both internally and to clients visiting the office.

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