A healthy workplace

Designing a healthy workplace

More than ever, employees are now looking for extra incentives from their workplaces. They aren't just expecting a competitive salary and generous holiday entitlement anymore. Staff can now expect a more integrated, healthy workplace that supports their mental and physical wellbeing at work. People want a good working environment that they look forward to spending time in with their colleagues and gives them a platform to become part of a culture.

When it comes to attracting talent and retaining your existing staff, your office design and workplace culture can be influential in helping to transform the office into a destination. At Peldon Rose, we have experience in delivering comprehensive change management programmes, people-centric designs and creating healthy workplaces that focus on attracting talent and promoting wellbeing at work. 

Change management at SCP

Our office design project with The Society of Chiropodists involved helping move them into an agile working environment. In order to successfully coordinate this change, we ran an extensive 6-month change management programme which included series of engaging staff workshops. Our team were with SCP every step of the way to make sure they were comfortable with the process and their new agile workspace.

How to create a healthy workplace

Mental wellbeing at work

While it is important to build an office that can attract the best talent, providing staff with the right facilities to look after their wellbeing at work is essential. Installing wellbeing facilities like tea points and showers enables staff to maintain a healthy lifestyle and look after their physical and mental wellbeing. Creating diverse, positive work spaces helps to reduce workplace stress and promote healthy, active lifestyles.

When it comes to turning your office into an energetic and inspiring environment, you need to look beyond the traditional perks and benefits to ensure you are attracting the right talent and building a culture that will create a good working environment for staff and encourage wellbeing at work.

If you would like to hear more information about how office design could benefit your workforce then get in touch with our team below and find out how you could transform your working environment.

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