Peldon Rose : A Love Story

Let us take you back to where it all began. Imagine the scene of London in the swinging ‘60s and the two young lovebirds of our story are Tony and Kath.

Every Friday afternoon, Tony would pick up his beau in the city and whisk her off in the side-car of his vintage motorcycle for a weekend by the sea. A keen yachtsman, they were bound for the Essex coast, but there was just one hitch; Kath unfortunately didn't initially share Tony’s passion for life on the high seas.

To steady her nerves, en route she would persuade him to stop off for a much-needed G&T before embarking on the voyage. Their preferred pit-stop was The Peldon Rose, a cosy 15th century coaching inn near Colchester where the couple would share many happy moments during their courtship – and the spot where Kath finally found her sea legs. Naturally, when it came to christening their own first boat, there was only one name in the running.

Years later, inspired by childhood memories aboard his parents’ beloved Peldon Rose, our founder Andrew would choose the name for his own venture, and our company was born.